As both the capital and largest city of Manitoba, Winnipeg has a lot going for it: a friendly population, a growing economy, and a flourishing cultural scene which includes a prestigious new national Human Rights Museum. But like most of the prairies, Winnipeg also enjoys some of the highest recorded sunshine hours per year in Canada – and that climatological fact makes it a great place to set up solar panels and generate free environmentally-sustainable power! If you’ve got a home, business, or farm in the Winnipeg area that you’d like to equip with solar panels, this page aims to give you all the information you’ll need to get started. You can also fill out our form at the end of the page to receive free quotes on the cost of purchasing or installing solar kits in Winnipeg.

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You may be wondering which home solar kit is the best choice for you, as there are so many different models, brands, and sizes to choose from. There are a few factors to consider here: the size of the area you’d like to cover with solar panels (ie just a few panels on your roof, or an entire field?), the efficiency level you’re looking for (older and less efficient panels can be cheaper), and of course the overall budget you have to play around with. If you’d like free advice from the pros, just fill out of our form and we’ll give you our recommendation for which solar kit to choose, plus free quotes on the cost of purchasing it from different suppliers.

Professional Installation

Once your solar kit is delivered, you just have to install it and you’re ready to get started on generating your own free electricity – and helping to prevent global warming by reducing your dependence on fossil fuels at the same time! While some homeowners are fine with doing the installation themselves, most actually prefer to hire an industry professional to show up and do it for them. Particularly with regards to some of the wiring and positioning, it’s often best to have someone with experience do it to make sure that everything is set up safely and securely. We can also provide free quotes for this service, if you’re interested.

Go ahead and contact us below. The more detail you provide us with, the better accuracy we’ll be able to offer in terms of the recommended home solar kit for your particular property. We’ll also give you free quotes on the solar kit’s cost at various reliable local suppliers, as well as the installation cost. There’s no pressure to buy, and the advice and quotes themselves are 100% free. So go ahead and get in touch; we look forward to serving you!