7 Cool Solar Powered Gadgets For Camping

11 May 7 Cool Solar Powered Gadgets For Camping

Camping is one of the great Canadian pastimes, and what better way to enjoy the upcoming summer weather than by heading to the woods and enjoying the serenity of nature? Whether you’re planning on driving your RV up to Ontario’s legendary Lake Country, setting up tents at a camp site in the interior of BC, or enjoying any other of this beautiful country’s countless campsites, there really is no better way to rejuvenate yourself than by getting away from all the noise and action of the city.

While urban living may be stressful at times, it’s also very convenient; things like plumbing and electricity may be afterthoughts for today’s city-dweller, but when you’re out in the woods, their significance very quickly becomes apparent.

Fortunately, with today’s solar-powered technology, you can bring some 21st-century conveniences with you when you go camping – and you can power it all with clean, sustainable solar energy! Here are 7 solar-powered gadgets that will make your next camping trip even better…

1) Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker by MicroSolar

Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker by MicroSolar

Take your favourite tunes with you wherever you go with a little help from this solar-powered bluetooth speaker! Small solar panels at the top of the gadget absorb energy from the sun, and provide up to 8 hours of playtime on a full charge. The bluetooth compatibility means you can stream music from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and countless other enabled devices.

2) Secur Emergency/Outdoor LED Flashlight

Secur Emergency Outdoor LED Flashlight

Whether you’re preparing for a power outrage at home or shining a bit of light on your camp site long after the Sun has gone down, this emergency/outdoor LED flashlight from Secur has got you covered. There are two ways you can charge this versatile flashlight: by using the built-in solar panel, or by manually turning the hand-crank. Best of all, it’s waterproof up to 45 feet deep so you can even take it with you out on the boat, or into the Lake for snorkelling!

3) RENOGY Monocrystalline Bendable Solar Panel

RENOGY Monocrystalline Bendable Solar Panel

Efficient monocrystalline solar cells have been laminated directly on to a sheet made of light plastic to create this camp-friendly bendable solar panel. Its unique construction gives it nearly twice the efficiency of conventional thin film panels, making this one a sure-fire hit in rural areas across Canada. Nevermind a roof, this lightweight wonder could harness solar power from the top of your tent!

4) Whetstone Solar/Dynamo Powered Camping Lantern

Whetstone SolarDynamo Powered Camping Lantern

Like the Secur flashlight above, this camping lantern by Wehtstone offers multiple charging methods for maximum versatility out in the field. A small solar panel on the top of the lantern absorbs energy from the Sun throughout the day, while a hand-crank lets you work up a charge the old-fashioned way. 36 energy-efficient LEDs emit plenty of light, sure to last you well into the twilight hours.

5) Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator

When it comes to an all-purpose portable generator, you can’t do much better than the Yeti 150 from Goal Zero! A fold-out solar panel soaks up energy with impressive efficiency, while a combined USB outlet, 12-volt outlet, and 80 Watt AC inverter allow you to power up the full suite of modern appliances, including smartphones and power tools.

6) Solar Powered Camping Shower by Mountain Warehouse

Solar Powered Camping Shower by Mountain Warehouse

There are few household amenities that people miss more than hot showers when they’re out in the bush. This convenient camping shower solves that problem by harnessing the power of the Sun to provide warm (or even hot!) water aplenty. The 20 litre capacity means you don’t have to rush things, while the 2 metre hanging cord lets you enjoy water from above just like back in the comfort of your own bathroom.
VIVO 2.W Solar Powered Backpack

7) VIVO 2.4W Solar Powered Backpack

Just about everyone brings a backpack with them when they go camping, so why not get 2 birds with 1 stone by making the backpack capture solar power while you’re out exploring the woods? VIVO has taken that brilliant idea to epic new heights with this stylish solar-powered camo backpack, which includes a rechargeable battery that can fully charge an iPhone 5 and still have plenty left over.

Whichever one of these useful devices you plan to use on your next trip to the great outdoors, you’re sure to be impressed by the amazing advances made in solar panel technology over the past few years. And for those of you who want to install solar panels on your boats or RVs, we can get you free quotes on the cost to do so!

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