Montreal is world-renowned for being a vibrant hub of culture, business, and technology – but these days, it’s also fast becoming a major producer of solar power as well! As both the largest city in Quebec and the second-largest city in Canada, Montreal has a history of setting the trends that the rest of the country follows – and there’s no more exciting trend right now than solar energy. By using state-of-the-art panels to convert energy from the Sun into usable electricity, homeowners can not only reduce their power bills and generate their own power, they can also do their part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preventing global warming. If you’re looking for home solar power kits in Montreal, read on below to get the full scoop, or enter your information into our contact form below to receive customized advice and free quotes from multiple vendors!

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So, you’re ready to buy a solar power kit for your home – but which one should you choose? There are countless models on the market and more coming out each year, so it can be overwhelming for most people to discern the minor differences between them. Ultimately, you’ll need to select the kit that’s best-suited to your unique situation based upon how much space you wish to cover with panels, how much electricity you wish to generate, and what kind of budget you’re working within. By filling out our form, you can help our experts understand your property so they can give you a good idea of which kit to choose, along with multiple free quotes from different vendors so that you can buy at the most competitive price available.

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When the time comes to install your new home solar kit, you’ll probably want to hire a professional to do it for you. There are two reasons for this: firstly, to make sure the panels themselves are installed in the optimal position to capture the most sunlight, and secondly, to make sure that everything is done up to code with regards to electrical wiring. We can also definitely provide you with free quotes on the cost of installation if you wish.

If saving the environment as well as saving money sounds good to you, then go ahead and fill out our form to receive your free quotes. There’s no pressure to buy, and our experts will give you solid advice on which kit to choose regardless. We look forward to helping you!