11 Beautifully Modern Solar Panel Setups

Coastal Rammed Earth Home

28 Apr 11 Beautifully Modern Solar Panel Setups

We all know that solar panels are useful, environmentally sustainable, and economically wise – but did you know they can also beautify buildings as well? We tracked down 11 of the world’s most beautiful solar panel setups to illustrate the fact that more and more of real estate’s hottest properties are making use of solar power as not only a functional green perk, but also for aesthetic enhancement. Expect this trend to get even bigger in the coming years as solar power becomes an integral modern design feature…

1) NEXTHouse In Seattle

NEXTHouse is a masterfully crafted custom home in Seattle that combines Northwest Modern tradition alongside the highest quality environmentally sustainable building technologies, features and finishes. The solar panels fit in perfectly with the design of the house and are in prime position to do what they do best.

2) West Lake Residence

Sleek galvanized metal roofing is actually aesthetically enhanced by the addition of solar panels on this home designed by hatch + ulland owen architects. The black stripe contrasts finely with the rest of the silver roof, while the Ipe wood exterior walls offer an Earthy visual counterbalance more in line with the surrounding trees. Perfect!

3) Modern Exterior

These panels act as a de facto veranda, providing plenty of shade to the porch below while simultaneously absorbing incoming solar rays and transforming them into free, bountiful electricity. This is a great example of form and function being fused in a truly modern exterior design.

4) Tiburon Bay House

The solar panels on this house blend seamlessly into the scenery, matching the nearby Bay in color and flawlessly befitting both the roof and the surrounding yardwork in tone and style. With a quick glance at this house, many people probably wouldn’t even notice the panels at all – so for those who prefer their green energy projects to be more low-key, this is a great example to learn from.

5) Lake Front Home in Vermont

Located in the scenic town of Burlington, Vermont, this lake-front home boasts a number of solar panels on its sloped roof. The windows not only provide a great view of the adjacent lake, they also serve to match the panels perfectly as well!

6) Green Greenberg Green House

How’s this for a mouthful of “green” living? The Green Greenberg Green House has artificial turf installed on its roof to compensate for its lack of a large yard, and this rooftop oasis has been duly accented with stylish solar panels which perform double duty by providing a bit of shade as well.

7) ZeroEnergy Design Roofdeck

With glass railings to provide an unobstructed view and roof-mounted solar panels contributing a steady supply of electricity throughout the day, this roofdeck by ZeroEnergy Design once again proves that good modern architecture is all about finding the right balance between practicality and beauty. Who wouldn’t want to have friends over for a glass of wine on a deck like this?

8) Outdoor Bar

The only thing better than a poolside bar is a poolside bar covered with a stylish, sustainable solar power panel! This panel blends into the rest of the exterior design scheme so effortlessly that it’s easy to miss at first glance. Care for a swim?

9) Lookout Residence

The same sunlight which makes that swimming pool so enticing is also the same sunlight which is harnessed by the numerous rooftop solar panels on this modern luxury home. By integrating the panels directly into the design of the roof, Bertram Architects has created a truly cohesive, natural-looking design scheme.

10) Sustainable Roof Deck Garden in Venice, CA

There is something to be said for turning your roof itself a stylish sanctuary all its own, and this roof deck garden near Venice Beach is a great example of that. Once again, the solar panels provide shade on top of their usual electricity-generating function, and they look great as well.

11) Coastal Rammed Earth Home

If you’re looking to build a custom home with a truly one-of-a-kind design, you may want to take your cues from this incredible rammed Earth home. The roof, the solar panels, and the driveway all intermingle in the midst of a pleasant, sloped architectural design. Truly modern, and truly memorable!

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