What Is the Cost For A Home Solar Panel Installation?


13 May What Is the Cost For A Home Solar Panel Installation?

The most common question people have when they first start looking into home solar panels is: “How much will this cost me?” It’s a perfectly straight-forward question, but unfortunately for all of us, the answer is anything but! The diverse nature of housing options across Canada, not to mention the huge geographic disparities, plus the ever-improving panel market itself, can all fundamentally change the cost of outfitting a home with solar panels. But don’t worry just yet! Even with all of these factors to consider, we can still help you calculate the precise cost of a home solar panel installation.

The first thing to ask yourself is how many solar panels you think you’ll need, or more specifically, how large of an area you wish to equip. While some people aim for maximum coverage, others prefer to install just a few panels; in the case of boats, RVs, and cabins, often 1 panel is all that’s required. Large panels will generally cost you more than small panels, just as more panels will cost you more than less panels, but there is a caveat to this: as panels become more efficient each year, newer models are able to accomplish more with less space. In this sense, you may buy a newer, smaller panel that’s actually more effective than two larger, older ones. The final factor to bear in mind is the climate you live in; cloudier locales may require more panels to achieve the level of energy capture that you’re aiming for, while a sloped roof that’ll capture solar rays from dawn to dusk offers plenty of options. So, simply fill out the form below, explaining to us your particular needs with the aforementioned considerations in mind, and we’ll promptly get back to you with free quotes on the cost to install home solar panels! We’ll even help tell you which specific home solar kits would be best for your specific situation.

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