Canada’s Solar Parks Usher In A Green Energy Future

Sarnia Panels 2

30 Apr Canada’s Solar Parks Usher In A Green Energy Future

Green energy is sweeping the globe, and Canada is leading the pack! When Canadians think of energy, they often picture their country’s many hydroelectric dams, the Alberta oilsands, off-shore gas fields in Newfoundland, and other conventional projects – but solar power, too, is now making a big impact from coast to coast. To help inform Canadians about the reality of solar power’s incredible potential, here is a starting guide to some of Canada’s largest existing solar power parks…

Sault Ste. Marie Solar Park

Located just outside its namesake city, Sault Ste. Marie Solar Park in Ontario is a true marvel of modern engineering. Boasting an installed capacity of 68 MWp drawn from nearly 270,000 individual panels, this solar power park established by Starwood Energy Group is without a doubt one of Canada’s most important renewable energy projects. The Ontario Power Authority’s ambitious Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program helped make this whole endeavour feasible, and the final agreement determined that for the first 20 years of operations, this solar park will sell energy at just 42 cents per kWh. For folks in and around Sault Ste. Marie, that’s good news for their wallets as well as for the environment!

Sarnia Panels

Sarnia Photovoltaic Power Plant

When it first opened in September 2010, Sarnia Photovoltaic Power Plant made headlines around the globe because it was by far the world’s largest ever photovoltaic plant, boasting a total installed capacity of 97 MWp – enough to power at least 12,800 homes. While it has since been unseated by the gigantic Agua Caliente Solar Project in Arizona (which generates 290 MWp), this solar plant situated near the industrial town of Sarnia, Ontario nevertheless remains one of Canada’s most impressive renewable energy projects. Developed by Enbridge and First Solar, this plant encompasses nearly 1.3 million thin-film solar panels spread out over 445.2 ha of space. Like Sault Ste. Marie Solar Park, Sarnia Photovoltaic Power Plant made use of Ontario’s feed-in tariff renewable energy payments program to establish itself, and locals will now enjoy decades of safe, renewable energy because of it!

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