Having built relationships with many of the nation’s top solar hardware wholesalers and installers gives us an edge and the ability to get them fighting for your business.

This is not going to be a “cheap” process so we make sure that your investment is the best one for the long term and only select quality parts installed by the best in the business.

Solar Quote Canada was an idea that stemmed from its founders own experiences in buying and installing solar systems for their own houses. Between them, they spent hundreds of hours researching online and off to get to know the growing industry. Once they were installed, anybody who found out that they had solar power wanted to know everything about it. They ended up helping some close friends buy and install unique solar systems for a few of their projects. In so doing, they have become very well acquainted with the best brands and installation experts.


This experience ensures that you get the best price on the perfect solar electricity generation and storage system.



    We gather information from you about your solar power generation equipment requirements.

  • 02 SHOP

    We go to local installers and wholesalers of solar panels and equipment to get various quotes.


    We personally analyze your quotes. Often, some intricacies are overlooked. We make sure that's not the case.

  • 04 BARGAIN

    We take the lowest quote to the second and third best to see if they can match or beat it.

  • 05 DELIVER

    Once we have the best price on the best hardware from the best installers, we'll forward the quote to you.

I already know I want a solar power setup for my home, boat, RV or business!